Dog Flu in Atlanta – Protect Your Pup!


Have you seen “Dog Flu” headlines skim across your news feed lately? This pretty scary virus, officially called H3N2, is the newest strain of Canine Influenza and was recently confirmed in Metro Atlanta. Since the first case of Dog Flu in Atlanta, at least 5 more dogs have tested positive for Canine Influenza in the state of Georgia and there could be many more. Alfie has been keeping a close eye on the situation and we want to help keep you informed so you can keep your pets healthy and happy!

Dog Flu is a highly contagious respiratory infection in dogs that is caused by a virus and, in certain cases, can be fatal. Look out for symptoms resembling kennel cough, such as a persistent cough, nasal or eye discharge and fever. If Fido seems lethargic or isn’t eating like he or she normally does, it’s a good idea to consult your veterinarian.

Since this recently identified strain is a new and emerging virus, all dogs are at risk for contracting the virus. However, the risk of a dog being exposed depends on its lifestyle. Dogs who are frequently or regularly exposed to other dogs at boarding or day care facilities, dog parks, and grooming salons, for example, are at a greater risk of coming into contact with the virus. According to Dr. Duffy Jones at Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital, the best prevention is avoiding highly dog dense places – this is where Alfie can help!

One of the many benefits of using Alfie for all of your Atlanta Dog Walking and Pet Sitting needs includes the fact that our dog walkers come to you, thus saving you time and allowing your pet to enjoy the comforts of their own home while you’re away. On top of that, all of our walks are done individually so your dog not only gets the maximum amount of personal attention and care, but will run almost no risk of contracting canine influenza or other nasty viruses that tend to float around crowded dog facilities.

Avoid the risk of the Dog Flu in Atlanta and call Alfie today to ensure your beloved pet is safe and feeling good this summer!


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