The Best Dog Walkers in Atlanta Have Upgraded Their Website!

Dog Walkers in Atlanta

Your favorite and prefurred dog walkers in Atlanta have a freshly upgraded website and a brand-new blog! Alfie’s new site has exciting features with plenty of information on all of our dog walking and pet sitting services. Your most frequently asked questions answered!  Wanting to know more about our staff of the industry’s best dog walkers? Check it out – the site now has bios for many of your favorite Alfie team members. Did you know team member Akiko also works at Zoo Atlanta, or that Erin spent her college years out West attending Colorado University and volunteering at the Humane Society?

In addition to an upgraded website, Alfie is happy to boast that we provide our clients with the absolute best dog walking technology available anywhere! With GPS dog walk tracking, online payment and scheduling, real-time updates on your pup, and so many more cool features, we make working with Alfie not only a breeze, but a lot of fun, too! More information on the benefits of our software and how it sets Alfie apart from any other dog walkers in Atlanta can be found on our new site as well. And the best part of it all? Access to our amazing features won’t cost you one penny extra. That’s right, there are no technology fees with Alfie – just honest-to-goodness, top-notch service!

Wondering what Alfie has to say about the Atlanta dog community, or looking for the place to get information on trends in the Atlanta dog walking and pet sitting world? Stay tuned to our new blog which is sure to keep you in the know on all things dog!

Thanks for visiting the new site, and thank you for choosing Alfie! If you’re not currently an Alfie client, well… What are you waiting for?! Contact us today and get your pup out and about with the finest team of dog walkers in Atlanta!

This post was brought to you by:  JERRY!

Jerry is a Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel Mix that steals every heart he meets!  He is a very laid back dude (as you can tell by his photo) and a real dream for our Midtown dog walkers.  He takes his time to enjoy the little things in life, like flowers and the lingering scent of any food once left on the sidewalk.

Jerry, the Coolest Cat (dog) in Town!

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