Five Doggy Health Benefits to Choosing Alfie as Your Atlanta Dog Walker


From top-notch customer service to cutting-edge technology and much more, there are many great reasons why Alfie is the right Atlanta dog walker for you. Beyond making your life easier, however, there are also plenty of reasons why Alfie Dog Walking is beneficial to your pup, too. Keeping your dog happy and healthy is no easy task, so check out this list of dog walking benefits from the pros (us!) and learn why choosing a great dog walker (us again!) and getting your pup plenty of exercise is essential to your pup’s health.

1. Helps with Weight Control

In the age of step counting and Fitbits we’re well aware that walking is just darn good exercise for us humans, but what you may not realize is that the same is true for your dog! A daily walk regimen keeps Fido agile and burns those extra calories to help with weight control, and with our GPS walk tracking and fitness focused crew, there’s no better Atlanta dog walker to help than Alfie.

2. Promotes Joint Health

As dogs age, they get arthritis and experience joint problems just like humans. Gentle exercise like walking strengthens muscle and helps keep ligaments and tendons flexible. Joint health is just as important for young pups with growing bones as it is for older dogs, so regardless of your dog’s age it’s always a good idea to get them up and moving!

3. Minimizes Destructive Behaviors

Simply put, dogs need to be given something constructive to do. When left to their own devices, they tend to take matters into their own paws. Did you know that regular walks can cut down or totally eliminate your dog’s destructive behaviors like chewing, scratching and digging? You work too hard to let your dog destroy your stuff, so let your Alfie Atlanta dog walker help by scheduling walks while you’re at work.

4. Reduces Hyperactivity

Dogs are happy and excitable creatures – that’s why we love them! Jumping at your arrival is a good sign that your dog is happy to see you, but it can also be a sign of pent up energy. Exercise from walking calms your dog down, reduces hyperactivity, stress and excitability, and increases that sweet gentleness that we all adore!

5. Builds Confidence

Hitting the pavement gives your dog the opportunity to interact with other animals and humans, which can help them adapt to new or intimidating situations. Whether you have a brand new puppy, timid pooch, or a dog that ‘ain’t scared of nothin’’, exposing your dog to the sights and smells of the neighborhood helps to build their confidence and trust in you, other dogs and people, and themselves, which will undoubtedly lead to a happier, healthier lifestyle for both of you.

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