Alfie offers three distinct levels of dog walking and sitting services to meet your pooch's needs. We are happy to customize each visit to include feeding, medicating, extra snuggles, playtime, and anything else you or your pup might need to keep your tails wagging all morning, afternoon and night.


The Leg Stretch

$14 Subscription/$18 Occasional

Total visit time of 14+ minutes

A 10 minute walk and potty break

Water, feeding & treats as needed

A great belly rub


The 5K

$20 Subscription/$25 Occasional

Total visit time of 25+ minutes

At least 20 minutes of solid walking

Water, feeding & treats as needed

Plenty of exercise and play


The Marathon

$30 Subscription/$38 Occasional

Total visit time of 50+ minutes

A minimum 45 minute walk

Water, feeding & treats as needed

Tons of love and fun!



Other Alfie services include:

Overnight Stays

Cat Sitting

Pet Taxi

… and more!

Our dog walking plans

Do you need regular, ongoing dog walks and know your schedule in advance? Do you like the idea of having the same dog walker for every visit? Does your pup want to go for a stroll three or more days each week? If your answer is “yes”, then a Monthly Subscription is the perfect option for you! With a Subscription Plan, we’ll assign you a primary walker to care for your pup, and since we’ll spend less time on tasks like scheduling, we’ll pass those savings right along to you. Simply provide us the days and times you need and sit back and enjoy our top-notch service!

Does your hectic schedule make it difficult to commit to walks in advance? Or maybe you’re looking for a trusted pet care professional to look after your pooch while you’re traveling? No problem – Alfie’s got you and your pups covered, too! We understand that some folks need more flexibility than others, so we offer Occasional Walks to meet your changing needs. Occasional Walks can be scheduled as needed and, best of all, while some dog walking companies charge up to an additional $20 for scheduling a walk on short notice, Alfie will never charge you extra for a “last-minute” walk!

More than just dog walks

We strive to offer something for everyone, so in addition to our three standard dog walking and pet sitting options, we are also proud to offer overnight stays, cat sitting, pet taxi services and more! If you are looking for something different from what’s listed here, simply contact us and let us know what you need!

The goal of Alfie’s pricing plan is to make things as simple and fair as possible for our clients. The only times that additional charges are incurred are during weekends and major holidays (+$5/visit) and for services outside of our normal walking hours (+$10/visit). Please check out our Holiday Schedule for more information!

About our service

Alfie strives to provide the perfect experience for every pup on every visit – that means keeping your dog safe, secure, happy and healthy at all times. For that reason, we offer three distinctly different plans to meet your needs. When it comes to dog walking and pet sitting in Atlanta, our service is unmatched, and we are always happy to customize each of our services to include all of the pet sitting essentials like feeding and playtime for your furry friend to remain happy and healthy while you’re away from home. Whether you’re only gone during the day for work or you’re taking that dream vacation, we’re committed to taking outstanding care of your pet every time.

Standard walking hours*


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm


8am - 8pm

*Please note we are happy to accommodate walks outside of these hours for an additional $10/visit!

Is your pup ready to join the Alfie pack?

Is your pup ready to join the Alfie pack?

Our happy clients come in many breeds. Give Alfie a shot at making you and your furbaby happy and we're certain you won't regret it! Are you ready to join the pack? Click to contact us today!