The Official Alfie Guide to Beating the Heat this Summer!

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Surprise! Summer is here in Hotlanta (don’t worry, Alfie knows better than to actually call it that) and it really is hot! The 90+ degree weather we’re experiencing makes it hard to get the dog out for more than just his usual walk with Alfie. No one, including our pets, wants to be outdoors anymore than necessary when the temps near triple digits. With that in mind, Alfie came up with a few ideas to help you and your pup beat the heat!

1. Piedmont Park – Splish Splash Doggie Bash
Every year Piedmont Park’s public swimming pool ends its season by letting it all ‘go to the dogs’! Typically the first weekend in October, the pool opens its doors to people and their pets. With all the tail wagging, diving, and, of course, doggie paddling going on, it’s a scene you don’t want to miss! As we know, opportunities to swim don’t come around that often for most ITP pups, so check out Piedmont Park’s website for more information on tickets and dates.

Splish Splash Doggie Bash

2. Ruffwear Swamp Cooler vest
Many of our dogs already have more toys, treats, clothes (some of them) and accessories than they could ever use, but this vest is literally too cool not to mention! It uses evaporative cooling technology that we don’t really need to understand to keep Fido cool as temperatures rise. Simply soak it in water before you hit the town or the trails, and you and your pooch are ready to go! Check out the link for more info, this vest has a lot of 5 star reviews (just like Alfie)!

Ruffwear Vest

3. LickALots – Ice Cream for Dogs
It is not scientifically proven that ice cream is the best way to keep you cool in the heat (if we are wrong about that, please, please speak up!), but it definitely feels like a special and refreshing treat on a hot day. LickALots can be found at many Atlanta pet supply retailers, and, containing mostly low fat yogurt, are not only yummy but a healthy option for pets, too!

Ice Cream Dog

4. Sweetwater Creek Hiking Trails
For the highly active dog and owner duo, hiking is a fun way to explore your community while getting some great exercise. In the middle of this Georgia summer, hiking anywhere without easy access to water isn’t ideal… cue the Sweetwater Creek hiking trails! Located just outside Atlanta’s perimeter in Sweetwater Creek State Park and containing 2,500 acres of creekside property, Sweetwater Creek provides the perfect outdoor adventure grounds for you and your pup!

Sweetwater Creek

Pro tips: Dogs cool from the bottom up, so if you’re offering relief with a splash of cool water, make sure to soak Fido’s paws and belly and not just his back. Also, remember to keep an extra close eye on your pup while out walking this summer, and try to walk in grassy areas as opposed to on concrete or asphalt whenever possible.

Thanks for checking out our blog! For more tips on keeping your pup happy and healthy this summer (and all the time), contact us today!

– Alfie

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