The Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Alfie


In honor of David Letterman’s retirement, we present “The Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Alfie”:

1. Alfie celebrated its first birthday in early 2015. ​Didn’t get a chance to wish us Happy Birthday? It’s never too late!
2. The Alfie team has a combined total of more than 50 years of caring for pets! Even more if you count the number of combined years loving pets.
3. Alfie is the best doggone dog walking company in Atlanta. Oh, you already knew that? Well, tell your friends!
4. Team member Nick is an accomplished cellist and musician working under the name Takenobu. Check him out at!
5. There is no actual dog named Alfie (yet!). “Alfie” actually comes from a childhood nickname. Cute, huh?!
6. Erin loves ALL dogs, but is obsessed with poodles. Her personal and professional mantra is “Poodle Power.”
7. You can find team member Akiko at Zoo Atlanta on her days off from Alfie, schooling the kids on her vast knowledge of all things animal.
8. Anthony played high school basketball in Atlanta and can still be found dominating rec and pickup games around town.
9. Alex is proudly owned by a retired racing Greyhound named Gordon Bombay. (Name that movie in the comments, people!)
10. Alfie’s pups love their walkers just as much as their walkers love them – we can just tell. 2 paws up!

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